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Air conditioning tune up Spring Hill FL

AC Tune Up Spring Hill, FL

AC Tune Ups in Spring Hill, Florida

AC tune up Spring Hill FL, air conditioning preventative maintenance services

Air Conditioning Tune-Up & Maintenance in Spring Hill, FL

Need an AC Tune Up “near me” in Spring Hill?

Get an AC tune up in Spring Hill. Is your air conditioning unit not keeping you as cool as it used to? Are you dreading the summer heat? Don’t worry – Florida Coast Cooling can help. We provide AC tune-ups that can revitalize your system, ensuring it runs as good as new in no time. Our team of seasoned professionals handle everything, allowing you to enjoy a cool and comfortable home. Why wait? Schedule your appointment today by calling us at (352) 699-2665!

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AC Tune Up Spring Hill, FL

Serving Clients All Across The Spring Hill Area

Florida Coast Cooling is proud to offer our best AC Tune Up for our Spring Hill customers. Our 22-point check ensures that your system is running like it should. If you’re noticing decreased cooling power, contact us today and we’ll take care of you.

  • Clean Equipment Exterior
  • Flush and Vacuum Drain Line
  • Change or Wash Customer-supplied Filter
  • Brush out electrical cabinet
  • Check System for Proper Refrigerant Charge
  • Check Compressor and Fan Amperages
  • Check Capacitors
  • Check Contactor Points
  • Check All Service Valves and Caps
  • Check Thermostat Operation and Mounting
  • Check Blower Amperages
  • Check Heat Strip Amperages
  • Check Evaporator Coil for Build Up
  • Check All Electrical Connections
  • Check Temperature Split
  • Check Float Switch Operation
  • Check Overall System Performance
  • Check Blower Wheel for Build Up
  • Clean Supply Plenum and Check for Air Leaks
  • Check and Clean Condenser Coil
  • Check and Clean Condenser Fan
  • Clean and Dust Return Air Grills

Spring Hill Zip Codes We Service

  • 34604
  • 34609
  • 34606
  • 34611
  • 34607
  • 34608

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
If you're looking to lower your energy bills and operate more efficiently, then an AC tune up is just what the doctor ordered. With these HVAC preventative maintenance services from our expert technicians at Florida Coast Cooling, they can make sure that all aspects of your system are working at peak performance.
HVAC systems are just as important to maintain, if not more so than your car. With regular annual service calls, you can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the system which will increase its efficiency over time while also detecting any problems before they worsen! For optimal results technicians inspect all electrical or mechanical components of an HVAC unit in order for it work properly- this type maintenance helps homeowners enjoy long term savings along with short ones too by preventing safety hazards from occurring

Florida Coast Cooling is one of the best HVAC preventative maintenance and air conditioning tune up contractors in Spring Hill, FL. In fact, we do it all! Should you need HVAC installation, repair, or replacement services, we got you covered.

About 1-hour. When you're looking for a quick tune-up on your air conditioner, it's important to know the average time that an HVAC job will take. On average a person should plan around one hour of their day depending upon if they have any major issues with their system or not!
Florida Coast Cooling is only a 22-minute drive to Spring Hill, FL. We're located off of US-19 in the lovely city of Homosassa, FL.

One fact that is extremely neat about the distance of our Homosassa office from Spring Hill is that fact that it's completely irrelevant. The reason why is because more than 75% of our technicians reside in Spring Hill. Our HVAC techs take home their fully stocked service vans and many times dispatch directly from their Spring Hill homes rather than driving up to our office everyday.

Our Spring Hill service techs are only required to come to our home office in Homosassa when they need to restock their vans or pickup brand new AC units.

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If you’re having any sort of issues with your heating, cooling or ventilation system, then click the button below to schedule expert HVAC services today. Our technicians are the absolute best in the industry as we only hire NATE certified techs. Our goal is to properly diagnose your system and get it back up and running at the most efficient and affordable way as possible.
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