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Unlock Savings with High-Efficiency AC: Your Tax Credit Guide

Unlock Big Savings with Trane High-Efficiency AC Systems: A Guide to Federal Tax Credits in Florida

Hello, friends of Florida Coast Cooling! With the scorching Florida heat we experience in Homosassa and across Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco counties, an efficient air conditioner isn’t just a convenience—it’s a life-saver. We’re proud to be a Trane Comfort Specialist Partner, offering top-tier AC replacement and installation services.

But did you know that upgrading to a Trane high-efficiency air conditioning system can lead not only to more comfortable, cooler homes but also significant savings through federal tax credits? Dive into the pool of federal tax credits and see how an AC change out or AC installation can be a winning move.

Federal Tax Credits: A Cool Route to Savings

The federal government offers a tax credit for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency air conditioning systems between January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2032. This means AC replacement or installation can lead to improved comfort, lower energy costs, and a tax break, all at once. Here’s the refreshing part: You can claim 30% of the AC installation or AC change out cost, with a maximum of $600 credited back to you1. That’s significant savings that make your air conditioning replacement even more worthwhile!

Trane High-Efficiency Systems: The Gold Standard in AC Replacement

To be eligible for this tax credit, the new system should be an ENERGY STAR certified split system with a SEER2 rating over 16. All ENERGY STAR certified packaged systems also qualify​. As a Trane Comfort Specialist Partner, we at Florida Coast Cooling can guide you through your air conditioning replacement or AC installation, ensuring your new Trane system meets these standards and provides optimal performance and energy efficiency.

A Cooling Strategy That Pays Off

This tax credit program has annual aggregate limits. The total limit for an efficiency tax credit in one year is $3,200. This includes a limit of $1,200 for home improvements and installations like window upgrades, door replacements, insulation enhancements, and AC change outs, among others​1​.

To maximize your tax credits, it might be beneficial to spread your home improvements over a few years. Our expert team can help you plan these upgrades to make the most of the tax credits available.

Serving Homosassa, Citrus County, Hernando County, and Pasco County

If you’re considering an AC repair, replacement, or installation, we’re here to help. The tax credit is available to owners of existing homes serving as their principal residence, and we’re ready to guide you every step of the way​1​.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist Partner, Florida Coast Cooling is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers across Homosassa, Citrus County, Hernando County, and Pasco County. Contact us today to see how we can help you benefit from these fantastic federal tax credits with a high-efficiency Trane AC system!

Stay cool, Florida—with Trane and these enticing tax credits, energy efficiency and cost savings are a breeze!

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