AC Unit Giveaway in Citrus & Hernando from Florida Coast Cooling
HVAC Giveaway in Hernando & Citrus County, FL

You Nominate, We Donate 3 AC Units for 3 Heartwarming Stories!



3 Stories, 3 AC Units: Help Us Bring Comfort to Deserving Homes!

Here at Florida Coast Cooling, we’re not just gifting three AC units but providing a cooling sanctuary to three homeowners, specifically a veteran, a teacher, and a member of our community in Citrus and/or Hernando Counties, who are genuinely enduring tough times without a reliable AC system. 

Guiding Our Heartfelt Giving: Understand Our Rules

Before you nominate, it’s pivotal to understand who we’re seeking to help with this initiative. Dive into our Official Giveaway Rules to ensure your nominee aligns with our mission of aiding those genuinely in need.

Highlighting Genuine Needs: Your Guide to Our Heartfelt Giveaway

In this heartfelt initiative, the ‘need’ we aim to cater to is specific and substantial. The nominee must be the homeowner of their primary residence, ensuring that our help is extended directly to those living amidst the struggles, not to a landlord or a secondary property owner. It’s about reaching out to individuals for whom a fully functional AC is not just a luxury but an unaffordable necessity, turning their abode into a cool, comforting haven amidst the relentless Florida heat.

Let’s co-create stories of compassion, unity, and soothing relief together. Your nomination could be a beacon of hope, guiding our efforts to a home where it can instill comfort and ease amidst the hardships.

Honoring Heroes: First Pick on Veterans Day


As a token of gratitude for their selfless service, our first pick aims to provide a comforting haven to a deserving veteran. As the countdown ticks away, ensure your nominations are in by November 10, 11:59 PM. The unveiling of our first winner will be on Veterans Day, celebrating heroism by fostering comfort in their abode. Stay tuned, and keep the nominations flowing for subsequent picks!

More Opportunities Ahead!

Don’t sweat if the timer hits zero; we’re just getting warmed up! Once we announce our first winner on Veterans Day, the clock will reset and count down to November 20, 11:59 PM, for two more chances to bring cool comfort to deserving homes. Keep those nominations coming, and let’s create comforting waves together!

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Your nomination can make a huge difference! Help someone cool their home and find comfort by suggesting someone who truly needs an HVAC system. Let’s help our neighbors in Citrus and Hernando Counties together.

Supporting Veterans in True Need

With a co-owner who is a veteran, Jason Faucher, our reverence for fellow service members is profound and personal. Our intent is to serve those veterans in our community who are navigating through substantial struggles, by providing them with the comfort of a well-cooled home.

Helping Teachers Who Are Feeling the Heat

Teachers are the unsung heroes molding our future despite facing their own adversities. With this giveaway, we aim to ensure that educators, especially those struggling to stay cool at home due to financial constraints, are gifted the comfort they bestow upon our children every day.

Extending a Hand to Our Community Members in Silent Struggle

Our hearts and help also reach out to those who might not belong to any specific category but are silently suffering in the scorching Florida heat due to a lack of means to repair or replace their faltering AC systems.

Spread the Word, Multiply the Impact!


Your share can navigate our cooling aid to a home dangling on the edge of despair. By sharing, you become a vital link, enabling our collective efforts to weave through the community, bringing tangible relief right where it’s deeply needed.

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